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Asteras Dodecanese | Transports - Move Outs - Refrigeration Transfers to Kalymnos


ASTERAS DODECANESE is the only company that operates distribution with refrigeration on the island of Kalymnos. We reach every corner of the island providing instant and reliable service. We have a modern fleet of vehicles made up of trucks that can carry loads to refrigeration or freezing conditions, according to customer requirements. We can guarantee you strict adherence to hygiene conditions, as products are always transported to the appropriate conditions and with the necessary certificates.

ASTERAS DODECANESE provides credible solutions to all kinds of transportation and relocation to Kalymnos. We transport of goods, furniture, household appliances and all kinds of special equipment. Our experienced staff is always willing to serve your every need.

The transport company ASTERAS DODECANESE specializes in freight and refrigeration transportation in Kalymnos. All items are transported correctly and securely in our trucks and delivered at your pre-determined time to your door!

There are GROUPAGE transfers, where loads of different customers are transported in one vehicle, or FULL TRUCK transport, in which the vehicle carries a load of only one customer.



Trust ASTERAS DODECANESE for responsible, safe and economic transportation in Kalymnos. 
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